[Matplotlib-devel] Markup text

Nicolas P. Rougier Nicolas.Rougier at inria.fr
Mon Oct 10 01:06:25 EDT 2016

Based on the example rainbow_text.py in the gallery, I've tried to implement a simple markup extension to the text directive (see code below). It's far from complete but I would like to know if there's any interest in that and if it's worth making a MEP (and if yes, could someone remind me the procedure for doing that ?).

The idea is to be able to use pango-like markup text for quick/small changes of the text:


"Hello <b>world</b>!"
"Hello <span color=blue>world</span>!"
"Hello <span family=serif size=x-small>world</span>"

Currently, the implementation only works for non-rotated text.


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