[Matplotlib-devel] how not to install backend_gtk{,agg}

Sandro Tosi morph at debian.org
Wed Dec 27 16:30:00 EST 2017

Hello folks!
in Debian we're trying to phase out GTK2 and all its bindings,
including python-gtk2 and python-glade2

it looks like those modules are only used in backend_gtk{,agg}.py, so
i had a quick look on how to stop installing those backends (we
already provide the Gtk3 Cairo/Agg backends anyway)

Is there any better way than to comment setupext.BackendGtkAgg() and
setupext.BackendGtk() from setup.py (full disclosure, i havent tried
it yet if it actually works)? they seem to just check if the `gtk`
module is importable, but i dont want to rely on that module not being
available (as in this transition phase, it is possible other packages
still depend on it, pulling it in the installed pkgs and thus enable
it implicitly for mpl)


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