[Matplotlib-devel] Docathon: let's get excited about writing documentation!

Nelle Varoquaux nelle.varoquaux at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 18:25:23 EST 2017

Hi Matplotlib team!

As we've been hinting both on the gitter chanel and in the emails, some of
us are involved in organizing a docathon. The goal is to try to have
opensource developers focus on writing and improving documentation for one
week! Some cities will be able to have a dedicated place for developers to
meet, but most of it should happen remotely.

I will be participating with the goal to improve Matplotlib's
documentation. Both Thomas and Hannah will also participate. I was
wondering if other people would be interested in participating: it can be
first by just reviewing documentation related pull request this week or by
actually working on improving our documentation. If other people are
interested, we can set a list of goals both for us to focus on but also for
new contributors to help us.

Here are a couple of ideas.
- integrate Nicolas Rougier's matplotlib tutorial to our documentation. I
believe we have his permission to do this, but this might be worth checking.
- re-organize a bit the website to have the tutorials more prominent.
- finish the sphinx-gallery migration. If we all did 10 examples, it could
easily be done during that week.
- Set up sklearn's really cool tool to help review documentation related
pull request. (I actually hope to have this done *before* the docathon).
- (not doable in a week but overall better website organization)

Any ideas and contributions welcome

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