[Matplotlib-devel] [PATCH] Use XDG config path on FreeBSD

aufc at cock.li aufc at cock.li
Sun Feb 19 14:44:41 EST 2017

2017-02-19 11:55 -0700, Ryan May <rmay31 at gmail.com>:

> Thanks for the patch. Would it be possible for you to submit this as a Pull
> Request on GitHub:

Hi Ryan,

I would prefer not to do it, because I would have to configure GitHub
account for that and I see no benefit to do that ATM.  (Considering the
triviality of the patch.)

I decided to go the "patch over email" way, because it is documented in
the Dev Guide [1] and it's simpler and easier for me than PR.

It's also easy and simple for a commiter to apply the patch with:

git am name-of-the.patch

Please tell me if there are any problems with the pathc.


[1] http://matplotlib.org/devel/gitwash/patching.html

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