[Matplotlib-devel] mpl_cairo manylinux wheel available

Antony Lee anntzer.lee at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 00:26:55 EDT 2017

{ https://github.com/matplotlib/matplotlib/pull/9202 + mplcairo master }
now implement a wx-cairo backend.

2017-09-18 8:46 GMT-07:00 Antony Lee <anntzer.lee at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> I looked into compiling on Windows yesterday and it appears that MSVC does
> not support yet all the required C++17 features (at least, guaranteed copy
> elision and template argument deduction for class templates -- see
> https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/vcblog/2017/08/11/c17-
> features-and-stl-fixes-in-vs-2017-15-3/).  From some quick googling, it
> is apparently expected that full support will happen "soon" (before the end
> of 2017) so I may decide to just wait for it rather than downgrade the code
> (depending on how much time I want to spend on this...) but as a
> consequence, tinkering with mplcairo on Windows would right now require not
> only good familiarity with how to compile extension modules on Windows, but
> also with C++ to understand how to downgrade the code, so overall it may be
> quite tricky for you.
> Wx support would require refactoring the wx backend code so that the
> rendering part gets strictly decoupled from the windowing part -- this is
> e.g. the purpose of PR#8771 that does the same for Qt.  Actually, given
> that Wx already supports both "native" Wx rendering and Agg rendering, I
> expect this to be "relatively" easy, as the separation already mostly
> exists (basically we need to replace mentions of Agg by cairo in
> backend_wxagg.py).  As always, PRs would be welcome.
> Antony
> 2017-09-18 2:06 GMT-07:00 Francesco Faccenda <f.faccenda86 at gmail.com>:
>> This is a good news, thank you. I have two main doubts now:
>>    1. Would it be hard to have a Windows version of it? Since I am quite
>>    new to this, I'm not sure how to do it myself. Is there a good tutorial you
>>    would suggest?
>>    2. Would it work with matplotlib embedded on a wxpython stage or I'm
>>    going to run in some issue if I use this backend?
>> Regards,
>> Francesco Faccenda
>> 2017-09-16 11:10 GMT+02:00 Antony Lee <anntzer.lee at gmail.com>:
>>> Hi all,
>>> A manylinux wheel for mpl_cairo (https://github.com/anntzer/mpl_cairo)
>>> is now available (under GitHub releases).  mpl_cairo is a new, cairo-based
>>> backend for Matplotlib, that offers several improvements over the current
>>> default, Agg-based backend.  See the README on GitHub for more details :-)
>>> I would be interested in hearing your feedback.
>>> Antony
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