[Matplotlib-devel] Producing plots with objects

Tune Kamae tune.kamae at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 05:40:42 EDT 2017


My knowledge on matplotlib is limited and may be using wrong terminology.
However my goal is quite clear. What I don’t know is where to post my question.
If this is not the right mailing list, please forgive me and suggest the right mailing list.

My goal:
1) Make a plot with all elements accessible as objects like the one Excel produces.
2) Then by touching anywhere on screen (assuming Win10 with a touch screen), one will know how close is the touch location to a curve or the x-axis.
3) If such a plot can be put out, I can program for the blind students follow a line by producing sound.
4) They can follow any one of multiple curves in a plot and can feel what a sinusoidal curve is.

I would greatly appreciate if someone can guide me along this direction.

Tune Kamae

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