[Matplotlib-devel] What minimum version of python3?

Thomas Caswell tcaswell at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 17:40:37 EST 2018

These are derived from today's call:

Pro 3.6:
 - by the time we release, 3.7 will be out so will support "two most recent
    - this gives 3 years of support on master of each python version
(assuming python sticks
 - ordered, faster dictionaries (as implementation detail in 3.6,
guaranteed in 3.7)
 - guaranteed ordered kwargs / class definitions (do precedence of
conflicting kwaargs)
 - fstrings
 - fspath / pathlib protocol

Con 3.6:
 - feels a bit agressive as 3.7 is not out yet
 - might get ahead of some LTS releases
   - but older version of Matplotlib will still work
   - user-space environments go along way to fixing this
     - conda
   - ubuntu 18.04 is planned to be py3.6 by default

Pro 3.5:
 - more conservative approach
 - pypy3 support (but they will support 3.6 eventually)

The consensus on the call and on gitter seems to be for 3.6 as the minimum.

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