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Mon Feb 12 20:56:34 EST 2018

Object Oriented seems to be a good demarcation,

I don’t think so— writing OO code, that is defining your own classes,
subclassing, etc. is non-beginner, but calling methods on existing objects
is not: you can’t get very far in python without using the methods of the
buil-ins: lists, dicts, strings....

but since the suggested way of interacting with mpl is through the OO

Which does mean calling methods on objects, but that’s about it.

 they're all pyplot, but that seems to be the preferred intro-and I wonder
if it'd be good for matplotlib to have more bridge documentation that
doesn't just show how to do things both ways but explains why the OO way is

Yup. And I don’t think pyplot is any easier for newbies—other than existing
Matlab users — admittedly a big group.

Also a proper simple but object oriented tutorial might help here.  Ben
Root and Nicolas Rougier's  tutorials are in this direction.


I say introduce the OO interface, then have a “matplotlib for Matlab users”
section to translate for them.

I'd love to get as many profiles as possible up front.

Just now thought that “Matlab user” is a profile to keep
In mind.

Pretty basic self assessment questions: What's your fluency with Python?
How long have you been using Python? How long have you been using

What other languages/plotting libraries are you comfortable with?

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