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> The challenge with pyplot is the learning curve — it’s great to able to
> simply start with:
> plot(x, y)

and get the first plot -- like the classic:

print("hello world")

But you'll eventually run into limitations of the pyplot interface, and by
then you will have learned a lot of bad habits.

I think the challenge with the OO interface is not so much that you need to
use, say:


rather than simply


But that you need to do SOMETHING to get that axis object in the first
place. And given that to make an axis object you need a figure object
first, it's just not as clean as it might be.

But I think that's a significant but small bump in the road on day one....

NOTE: is there any talk of updating the main axis interface to get away
from all the "set_*" methods? they are kind of ugly.



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