[Matplotlib-devel] Proposal to amend the PR merge rules

Antony Lee anntzer.lee at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 08:59:55 EST 2019

Hi all,

During the weekly dev call, I proposed to amend the PR merge rules,
following an initial comment on Github [
There was general agreement among the devs present (Tom, Hannah, Jody, and
myself), so I'm putting it here for discussion.  The objective of this
change is to prevent "uncontroversial but uninteresting" PRs from falling
into oblivion, and try to decrease the size of the open PR stack.

The current rule is that a PR needs positive reviews (from two committers,
and excluding the author if a committer) to be merged, except that doc-only
PRs (docstrings, rst) only needs a single positive review.

I am proposing that, if a (non-doc) PR already has one positive review, but
no activity on that PR has occurred for two weeks (exact time interval up
to bikeshedding) [Jody suggests: and the PR has 100% code coverage], then a
committer (either the first reviewer, or the author if a committer) can
suggest that it be merged on the basis of that single review.  To do so,
the "sponsor" should ping all developers (@matplotlib/developers) on that
issue indicating that intent, and add a "single-review-merge" label on the
PR (so that these PRs can easily be found).  Committers are encouraged to
review the PR to accept and merge it or reject it or request changes on it;
but they can also just indicate that they consider the PR sufficiently
complex that a proper second review is needed before merging, or request an
extension, etc.  To do so they should still leave a "reject" review, even
if just saying "objecting to single-review merged; anyone can dismiss after
a second review".  However, if within another two weeks, no committer
voiced any objection (explicitly, i.e. by rejecting), then the PR can
indeed be merged on the basis of that single review.

To avoid overwhelming the system, any committer can only "sponsor" a single
PR at a time.


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