[Matplotlib-devel] Interpolations in Line2D objects

Raymond Osborn rayosborn at mac.com
Sat Mar 9 10:22:48 EST 2019

Is there any interest in adding an interpolation attribute to axes.Line2D objects similar to those in Axes.imshow? We often use bicubic interpolation using spicy.interpolate to generate smooth lines to connect markers, partly for aesthetic reasons, but partly for (what we maintain are) valid scientific reasons. However, there is no way to display the line along with the associated marker in legends, and it generates additional Line2D objects that are not really separate entities.

I haven’t looked into how this might be done but I thought I would check first to see if this has been considered before and rejected for any reason. It obviously requires storing additional smoothed arrays and smoothing options, and perhaps there are other complications I am not aware of.


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