[Matplotlib-devel] Matplotlib canonical website

Jody Klymak jklymak at uvic.ca
Tue Feb 16 20:21:01 EST 2021

Hi all,

hopefully this catches a fair number of downstream developers.  Matplotlib’s canonical root is https://matplotlib.org/stable/ now.  https://matplotlib.org/ still works, as do the versioned prefixes (i.e. https://matplotlib.org/3.2.0/), and the dev branch https://matplotlib.org/devdocs/index.html.  However, the toplevel root is now a bunch of redirects, so link checkers will be upset.  If you use inter-sphinx to build docs, that should also be changed.  See and discuss at https://discourse.matplotlib.org/t/canonical-documentation-have-moved/21863 and of course please report any issues and we will try and fix.  

Cheers,   Jody

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