[Matplotlib-devel] [ANN] Matplotlib 3.5.2

Elliott Sales de Andrade quantum.analyst at gmail.com
Tue May 3 15:26:07 EDT 2022

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the release of 3.5.2.

This is the second bug fix release of the 3.5.x series. Pre-built wheels 
are available for most major platforms, and can be installed using `pip 
install matplotlib==3.5.2`. Other packages may also be available 
already; please check with your preferred source.

We thank the 30 authors for the 222 pull requests that comprise the 
3.5.2 release.

This release contains several bug-fixes and adjustments:

  * Add support for Windows on ARM (source-only; no wheels provided yet)
  * Add year to concise date formatter when displaying less than 12 months
  * Disable |QuadMesh| mouse cursor to avoid severe performance
    regression in |pcolormesh|
  * Delay backend selection to allow choosing one in more cases
  * Fix automatic layout bugs in EPS output
  * Fix autoscaling of |scatter| plots
  * Fix clearing of subfigures
  * Fix colorbar exponents, inversion of extensions, and use on inset axes
  * Fix compatibility with various NumPy-like classes (e.g., Pandas,
    xarray, etc.)
  * Fix constrained layout bugs with mixed subgrids
  * Fix |errorbar| with dashes
  * Fix errors in conversion to GTK4 and Qt6
  * Fix figure options accidentally re-ordering data
  * Fix keyboard focus of TkAgg backend
  * Fix manual selection of contour labels
  * Fix path effects on text with whitespace
  * Fix |quiver| in subfigures
  * Fix |RangeSlider.set_val| displaying incorrectly
  * Fix regressions in collection data limits
  * Fix |stairs| with no edgecolor
  * Fix some leaks in Tk backends
  * Fix tight layout DPI confusion
  * Fix tool button customizability and some tool manager bugs
  * Only set Tk HiDPI scaling-on-map for Windows systems
  * Partially allow TTC font collection files by selecting the first font

For further details, please see the What's new in Matplotlib 3.5.2 page:
and the milestone on GitHub:

This release is signed by my GPG key, which is also used to sign this 
email. The fingerprint is:
23CA B59E 3332 F94D 26BE F037 8D86 E7FA E5EB 0C10

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