[Matplotlib-devel] Announcing the New Contributors Meeting

Noa Tamir hello at noatamir.com
Thu May 5 04:50:41 EDT 2022

Hi 👋

We’re happy to invite you to the first Matplotlib New Contributor Meeting 🎉

The first meeting will take place next week, May 10th (Tuesday) at 5:00 PM UTC and it will be scheduled to repeat monthly after that. 🥳

This meeting is for any new contributors, who want to meet more experienced contributors and maintainers, in order to get support with getting started as a new contributors, with their on going pull request (PR), or anything else you might want to discuss - you decide what’s on the agenda!

To join us please check our meeting calendar at Scientific Python, which has the meeting times, with links to the agenda we prepared and the meeting zoom link. [1]

All are welcome, and we’re looking forward to meeting with you!


Greg (he/him), and Noa (she/her)

PS- if you’re a more experienced contributor or maintainer, and want to join to help new contributors, you are also welcome to join us!

[1] https://scientific-python.org/calendars/https://scientific-python.org/calendars/
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