[Matplotlib-users] plotting positions with non-default markers

Joao Fonseca joao.q.fonseca at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 12:54:26 EST 2015

To visualize a simulation, I would like to plot positions of two populations using the $\top$ and $\bot$ (similar to $\perp$ and rotated $\perp$) symbols as markers, but make the coordinates coincide with the line intersections in the symbols. In this way, if two points from different populations have the same coordinates they should create a cross with a long vertical line.

I have tried using  plt.text and $\perp$, with a 90 degree rotation to get $\bot$:

text(x,y,r’$\bot$', va=’top',ha='center',color='w',rotation=180,fontsize=14)

but this doesn’t really work or scale, and I would rather use plot or scatter instead of text.

Is there a good way to do this in pyplot? Should I use something else?

Thank you


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