[Matplotlib-users] Possible gallery code.

Eric Firing efiring at hawaii.edu
Sat Dec 19 01:41:50 EST 2015

On 2015/12/14 10:09 AM, JP wrote:
> The first example, three_by_three.py, is an example of the complete
> bipartite graph of K3,3 minimally connected using a bezier curve to
> connect the 3rd node.
> The second example, ten_by_ten.py, is a graph of a minimally connected
> K10,10 graph as conjectured by Zarankiewicz.

The examples are nice, and there should be a place for them somewhere, 
but I don't think we want to have any external dependencies like 
networkx in the gallery.  Does networkx have a gallery?  If so, that 
might be the proper home.


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