[Matplotlib-users] redefining color keywords in stylesheets

Benjamin Root ben.v.root at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 10:52:19 EDT 2016


We are working on a couple different features that would better address
your problem. First, we are working on implementing a shorthand notation
for properties that would reference elements in the property cycle. So,
specifying `color='[0]'` and `linewidth='[0]'` would set those properties
from the first element of the property cycle. There are some details that
are still being worked out, though, and would likely land in version 2.1,
but a preview/beta pared-down version might appear in v2.0.

Another feature that has been discussed, but hasn't gotten very far is a
"palette" concept. This would allow one to have multiple versions of that
ColorConverter dictionary that would map the names to different rgb specs.
I don't think this idea has gotten a pull request yet, and I would imagine
that it shouldn't be too difficult to implement for those who might be
interested in taking it on.

Ben Root

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 8:25 AM, Pierre Haessig <pierre.haessig at crans.org>

> Hello,
> I've a question about style sheets:
> *W**ould it be possible for stylesheets to redefine the colorkeywords
> ('r','g','b'...) to match their color design ?*
> I believe this is not currently possible, is that right ?
> The only thing that comes close is the modification of the dict
> matplotlib.colors.ColorConverter.colors as discussed here (
> http://stackoverflow.com/a/19626339/2822346)
> The motivation for this would be to have a quick way to reuse colors from
> the default color cycle. Indeed, the new Cycler objects are powerful, but a
> bit heavy weight, especially for quick interactive usage. This is pseudo
> code for the use case I've in mind:
> suplot(211)
> plot(x, y1) # will be blue
> plot(x, y2) # will be green
> subplot(212)
> plot(x, y3, 'r') # y3 should stand out. will be red instead of blue
> With the classic style, this approach gives a coherent result, but using
> for example 'seaborn-deep', the default red 'r' is out of place. So to make
> the short color keywords useful again, it would be nice if seeborn-deep
> could redefine 'r' to be the one used in its color cycle (a nice dark
> purple red #8172B2).
> for now, seeborn-deep defines the rcParams axes.prop_cycle'
> cycler(u'color', [u'#4C72B0', u'#55A868', u'#C44E52', ...
> and with this proposition, it could be instead
>  cycler(u'color', [u'b', u'g', u'r'.... like for classic style (at least
> for  the first 3 colors, not sure for the following colors)
> but with extra entries in rcParams to define what b, g, r, ... should mean.
> (Also, I apologize in advance if this kind of proposition has been
> discussed already on the mailing list or on github. I understand there was
> much discussion on the topic of style change and I was not much following
> the discussion these last months.)
> best,
> Pierre
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