[Matplotlib-users] errors when mp4 files played in browser

Ryan May rmay31 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 00:45:06 EDT 2016

> My question then comes to this: does anyone on the matplotlib forum have
> experience with viewing mp4 files in a browser? If so, do you have any
> suggestions for a work-around? I've literally spent months getting a few
> matplotlib animations to the point where they may be useful to others. It
> never occurred to me that I'd have problems at the very last link in the
> chain.
> Thanks very much for your thoughts. Sorry this is so long.

I've put some effort into making sure the animations will render in the
Jupyter Notebook, so I'm curious: on the platforms where you're seeing
problems, what do they do with the movie at the bottom of this notebook




Ryan May
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