[Matplotlib-users] Stacked 2D plots with interconnections in Matplotlib

Maurizio De Pittà mauriziodepitta at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 09:41:10 EST 2016

Fedora 20; Python 2.7.5; Matplotlib 1.4.3 (installed by yum/pip)

I need to visualize some complex multivariate datasets and the preferred
way is to use a modification of parallel axis visualization, using stacked
2D plots, where each plot maps a degree of freedom/model parameter and data
points belonging to the same data sets should be interconnected across
different plots. I am attaching a conceptual sketch.

I put emphasis that each plane should be a plot itself with its own axes
with their own scales. More specifically, all plots have the same x-axis,
but the y-axis represents something different.
Any idea of how to implement it by matplotlib?


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