[Matplotlib-users] Totaly new to matplotlib

Stevo stm6386 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 13:18:14 EST 2016

Sorry for the delay, I had trouble getting the original post accepted .... I
replied on the 29th of Jan.
Since the previous post I have found some code that almost does what I
wanted but as always when you get a little more of something you lost it
somewhere else. 
what I have now is displaying -

the code to create the graph is  -
def plot_durations(self,starts, stops, ax=None, **kwargs):
        if ax is None:
            ax = plt.gca()
        # Make the default alignment center, unless specified otherwise
        kwargs['align'] = kwargs.get('align', 'center')
        # Convert things to matplotlib's internal date format...
        starts, stops = mpl.dates.date2num(starts),
        # Break things into start days and start times 
        start_times = starts % 1
        start_days = starts - start_times
        durations = stops - starts
        start_times += int(starts[0]) # So that we have a valid date...
        # Plot the bars
        artist = ax.bar(start_days, durations, bottom=start_times, **kwargs)
        # Tell matplotlib to treat the axes as dates...

Issues or things id like to or am trying to change :-
The code is the same for both graphs but one shows times for the x axis and
not date (must be due to the data range) id like it to show only dates on
the x axis but also every date, not missing any .. as the previous version

I would like the y axis to display time am at the top pm at the bottom as
the previous version did.  

there are a few other things but one step at a time I guess, I have tried to
copy lines from the older version to the new one but without success.


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