[Matplotlib-users] cycler v.0.10.0 released

Thomas Caswell tcaswell at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 00:18:59 EST 2016


I am happy to announce the next release of Cycler.

This will become the minimal version for the upcoming mpl v2.0 release.


Feature release for `cycler`.  This release includes a number of new

 - `Cycler` objecst learned to generate an `itertools.cycle` by calling
them, a-la a generator.
 - `Cycler` objects learned to change the name of a  key via the  new
`.change_key(old_key, new_key)` method.
 - `Cycler` objects learned how to compare each other and determine if they
are equal or not (`==`).
 - `Cycler` objects learned how to join another `Cycler` to be concatenated
into a singel longer `Cycler` via `concat` method of function.
 `A.concat(B)` or `concat(A, B)`.
 - The `cycler` factory function learned to construct a complex `Cycler`
from iterables provided as keyword arguments.
 - `Cycler` objects learn do show their insides with the `by_key` method
which returns a dictionary of lists (instead of an iterable of

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