[Matplotlib-users] matplotlib at LIGO/GW observation

Ilja Honkonen ilja.j.honkonen at nasa.gov
Tue Feb 16 16:42:14 EST 2016

> OK, so I have a data paper, where does a citation go?  the software
> stack is *rarely* cited at all, unless the software author has made
> available a paper that uses a specialized technique that a reader would
> have trouble finding themselves.  i.e. "the data was filtered with the
> Smith filter [Smith ’89]".
> There is rarely a statement in a paper that says “Figure X was plotted
> with Matlab”, “Figure y was plotted with GMT” and "Figure z was plotted
> with matplotlib”.
> Suggestions welcome - I value matplotlib, and don’t want to take
> advantage, but the request is a bit awkward to fulfill.

How about acknowledgements section? Perhaps listing how each figure was 
made is too verbose but maybe something like: I/we thank the 
contributors of matplotlib [ref N] for making the software freely available.


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