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> On 16 Feb 2016, at  13:47 PM, Benjamin Root <ben.v.root at gmail.com> wrote:
> In latex, you could utilize the \nocite{} feature. I've done this on certain occasions.
> Including references that are not cited in the paper. Bibtex builds the bibliography from the references that are actually cited in the paper. Including references without corresponding citations is generally a bad idea, but it may be warranted in special situations. To include a reference that is not cited in the paper, but which has a record in the bibtex database, add the command \nocite{xxx} at the end of the paper, just before the bibliography; here "xxx" is the key for the paper to be cited. The command \nocite{*} causes all items in the database to be included in the references, regardless of whether or not they are cited in the paper. 

Most journals I’m familiar with will not let you put uncited references into the reference section, for sadly obvious reasons ;-)

The acknowledgements section is fine, the only issue being where does one draw the line?  I guess in the methods section simply saying, plots were rendered using matplotlib \cite{hunter} isn’t a terrible solution. Not usually done, but if it helps matplotlib stay funded, then its probably worth it. Apologies in advance for my recent paper where I didn’t do this, but its probably less well publicized than the LIGO paper, so maybe I’ll get away w/ it.  

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