[Matplotlib-users] mouse cursor coordinates

grivet grivet at cnrs-orleans.fr
Fri Jun 3 06:12:05 EDT 2016

I would like to go further and, in fact, do the following:

     repeat n times
         click inside a figure
         retrieve and store the pointer coordinates
         show a mark (or circle or whatever) at this point

Thank you for your suggestions
JP Grivet

> Right again! A separate window is now created and I can click inside 
> and retrieve the pointer coordinates.
> Thanks a lot,
> JP Grivet
>> Ok, I do not use spyder so I may be wrong, but it looks that it works if
>> in the preferences windows (Tools -> Preferences)
>> in the option:
>>                "IPython console"
>> In the tab:
>>           "Graphics"
>> you select the Backend:
>>           "Automatic"
>> You probably have to restart spyder for it to work.
>> Regards,
>>     Juan 

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