[Matplotlib-users] how to create a double-sided arrow of arbitrary width with matplotlib's annotate(...) method?

Eric Firing efiring at hawaii.edu
Sun Nov 27 03:00:57 EST 2016


I haven't seen any replies on the list; did you get replies directly to 
yourself?  If there is already a good answer to your question, please 
forward it to the list in case someone else searches for the same thing.

I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for.  Maybe if you show the 
result of your "hack" it would be clear.

Did you try using something like 
as an entry in the arrowprops dict keyword argument to annotate?  That 
lets you control the width. See


On 2016/11/24 10:34 AM, Tanim Islam wrote:
> Hello,
> Does anyone have a one-method annotate(...) example to create a
> double-sided arrow, of arbitrary width? I was able to do so but only by
> hacking together two one-sided annotate(...) methods.
> Tanim Islam

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