[Matplotlib-users] MEP28 (Draft) Boxplots Enhancements and Simplifications

Paul Hobson pmhobson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 12:11:20 EDT 2016

Bumping this to see if the weekend crowd has any strong feelings about the
state of the boxplot API and how you'd like to see it (not) change.

On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 9:48 AM, Paul Hobson <pmhobson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> We are soliciting feedback and comments on a new MEP (#28) proposing some
> high-level changes to the boxplot API has been released in *draft* form
> here:
> http://matplotlib.org/devdocs/devel/MEP/MEP28.html
> The goals of the MEP are as follows:
> 1) Deprecate and remove seldom used*, difficult-to-use, and redundant**
> kwargs
> 2) Synchronize parameter names between `boxplot` and `bxp`
> 3a) Allow user-defined pre- and post-stat calculation data transformation
> functions to `boxplot`
> OR
> 3b) Allow users to pass their own statistics function (with parameters) to
> `boxplot`
> The functionality of #3a/3b is currently available to users if they go
> through the `bxp` function instead of the `boxplot` function. However,
> this isn't much help for users of downstream libraries like pandas and
> seaborn. The goal of #3 in general is to allow the following in e.g.,
> seaborn:
> import seaborn
> tips = seaborn.load_data('tips')g = seaborn.factorplot(x="day", y="total_bill", hue="sex", data=tips,
>                        kind='box', palette="PRGn", shownotches=True,
>                        statfxn=my_box_stats, bootstrap_method='BCA',
>                        whisker_method='dynamic')
> This kind of flexibility would also be available under the current pandas
> API.
> This MEP is very much still a draft and has not been accepted. If you have
> opinions about the proposed changes (positive or negative) we're all ears.
> -Paul H.
> * It is our perception that the usermedians and conf_intervals parameters
> don't get much use and are fairly difficult use. Additionally, the logic
> that handles and validates them is quite complex and difficult to maintain.
> ** The sym parameter is redundant with the flierprops parameter, which
> has been around for a few releases now. The code that reconciles the
> default marker style with both of these inputs is also complex and
> difficult to maintain.
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