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Raju Ankleshwaria raju.ankleshwaria at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 12:21:41 EDT 2017

Dear Matplotlib help,

I have successfully created plots with quiver. The script is working.
However, I want to create multiple plots (quiver) with different datasets.
Due to the differences in datasets the length of the quiver is changing in
each plot. How can I keep the quiver length same in each plots? Note, I do
want variations in quiver length in the plot. I don't want the length of
each quiver equal in same plot.

I am using below in my script.
Q=ax.quiver(x, y, u, v, pivot-'tip')
qk = ax.quiverkey(Q, 0.78, 0.78, 5, '5 mph', labelpos='E',

   1. scale function will not work.
   2. Normalizing the data will also not work

Please suggest/help.
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