[Matplotlib-users] Pcolormesh vs contourf

Eric Firing efiring at hawaii.edu
Sat Jan 7 18:43:08 EST 2017

On 2017/01/07 10:31 AM, Jody Klymak wrote:
> Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but in 1.5.x, if I run pcolormesh with len(x)
> = m, len(y) = n and size(z) = m,n then it works just fine (like matlab’s
> implimentation).  its great that it also does m+1 and n+1, but I think
> it does the “easy” thing.  Maybe in 2.0 this has changed?

Yes, it works like matlab's implementation, for the sake of convenience 
and compatibility, but matlab's implementation is wrong, and is not the 
behavior that Sameer is understandably asking for.

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