[Matplotlib-users] physical size of plot

Jean-Philippe Grivet jean-philippe.grivet at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 8 09:19:33 EST 2017


I use python(3.6)+numpy+matplotlib(2.0) (Anaconda distribution under 
Win7) to draw simple figures and I meet the following problem. All the 
figures that I plot come out the same size (432x288 px). This is OK for 
simple curves but leads to obscure plots in more complicated cases.
I notice that all figures in the pyplot tutorial have size 550x450 as 
they do also in the Matplotlib examples, while many figures in the 
gallery are 165x135.

How canI force the size of a picture in order to display it full screen 
or to cover most of anA4 sheet of paper ?

Thank you for your help
JP Grivet

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