[Matplotlib-users] segmentation fault problems with basemap

Jason Snyder jmssnyder at ucdavis.edu
Wed Mar 29 15:51:59 EDT 2017

Whenever I run a python with basemap I get a segmentation fault error.  For
example when running:
from mpl_toolkits.basemap import Basemap
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# setup Lambert Conformal basemap.
# set resolution=None to skip processing of boundary datasets.
m = Basemap(width=12000000,height=9000000,projection='lcc',
# draw a land-sea mask for a map background.
# lakes=True means plot inland lakes with ocean color.

I get a segmentation fault core dump error.

I have done some reading online about this and they say that it could be
because I accidently installed two versions of geos (
http://trac.osgeo.org/geos/), which include geos.3.3.6 and geos.3.3.3 which
was already available in the basemap package.   Could this be the problem
that is creating the segmentation fault core dump?  If so how do I
uninstall the geos libraries that I do not need.  There is not a lot of
specific information on how to uninstall geos libraries and I really need a
specific guide on how to do this and get the above script working properly.

Jason Snyder PhD
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