[Matplotlib-users] selecting points inside plot

Jean-Philippe Grivet jean-philippe.grivet at wanadoo.fr
Tue Sep 5 09:33:42 EDT 2017

Thank you Benjamin and Jody for your sugestions. Due to my scanty 
knwledge of Python,
I unfortunately can't get these programs to do what I want.
Referring to Jody's code, the statement "print(x)" is executed only 
once, upon
lauching the program. Then, the various xdata values are stored in x but 
nothing more
happens, until I close the graphic window. This termintes execution. If 
I issue print(x)
in the console, I recover the values of interest. My attempts to plot a 
dot where the
button was clicked have failed.
Ben's code behaves similarly, except that it starts by attempting to 
compute the
average of some undefined values.
Can this poor performance be due to the fact that I work inside Spyder ?
I am sorry that I keep trying your patience but I will be grateful for any
> |import matplotlib matplotlib.use('Qt5Agg') import matplotlib.pyplot as 
> plt import numpy as np class Picker(object): def __init__(self): 
> self.x = np.array([]) self.y = np.array([]) def process_key(self, 
> event): print("Key:", event.key) def process_button(self, event): 
> print("Button:", event.x, event.y, event.xdata, event.ydata, 
> event.button) self.x = np.append(self.x, event.xdata) self.y = 
> np.append(self.y, event.ydata) def get_x(self): return self.x def 
> get_y(self): return self.y fig, ax = plt.subplots(1, 1) picker = 
> Picker() fig.canvas.mpl_connect('key_press_event', picker.process_key) 
> fig.canvas.mpl_connect('button_press_event', picker.process_button) 
> plt.show() print(picker.x) # print(picker.get_x()) # the same 
> print(picker.get_x().mean()) # returns the mean of x. 
> print(picker.get_y()) print(picker.get_y().mean()) |
> On 2 Sep 2017, at 18:08, Benjamin Root wrote:
>     If you assign a class method as the callbacks, such as
>     process_button(self, event), then that method could save the
>     relevant values to itself. I show how to do this in my book (as
>     well as the global approach, too).
>     Cheers!
>     Ben Root
>     On Sat, Sep 2, 2017 at 10:30 AM, Jody Klymak <jklymak at uvic.ca
>     <mailto:jklymak at uvic.ca>> wrote:
>         Hi Jean-Philippe
>         There may be a fancier way, but you can just declare a global
>         in |process_button| to pass the value to a global variable.
>         Cheers, Jody
>         |import matplotlib.pyplot as plt x = [] def process_key(event):
>         print("Key:", event.key) def process_button(event): global x
>         print("Button:", event.x, event.y, event.xdata, event.ydata,
>         event.button) x += [event.xdata] fig, ax = plt.subplots(1, 1)
>         fig.canvas.mpl_connect('key_press_event', process_key)
>         fig.canvas.mpl_connect('button_press_event', process_button)
>         plt.show() print(x) |

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