[Matplotlib-users] Displaying raster colormap in a colorbar

Matthew Bradley mbatr27 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 16:43:44 EDT 2018


I have a raster that I want to add a colorbar to, and I've tried playing
around with a few things, both giving the axes image a name and then
calling it in the colorbar function i.e:

cax = axes.imshow(raster_contrast*sorted_raster, aspect=aspect_ratio)
cbar = fig.colorbar(cax, orientation='horizontal')

and after the image is plotted like so:

cax = ax[1].get_images()[0]
cbar = fig.colorbar(cax, orientation='horizontal', cax=ax[2])

In either case it produces a PCyGY colormap instead of the diverging
RGBlack color scheme. How can I replicate the correct color map in the
color bar? Both of these methods appear to work for 2-D array.

the sorted raster is an array of shape [861, 138, 3].

Thanks in advance for any help!
Matthew Bradley
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