[Matplotlib-users] Efficiency in connecting two subplot.

Éric Depagne eric at depagne.org
Tue Feb 20 14:02:52 EST 2018

Hi Christophe, 

I am not sure it's what Ben had in mind (if not, I'm happy to know  how it 
should have been done), but here is the way I did it.

(my _on_move() method is a member of a class)
I added this to the __init__() :
self.counter = 0

Then I added the following lines to _on_move():
self.counter += 1
if self.counter %2 :
[snip all the details of the update of the plots)
self.counter = 0

And it updates the plot every other move.


Un clavier azerty en vaut deux
Éric Depagne

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