[Matplotlib-users] Callback mechanism for animation completed?

Paul Deitel paul.deitel at deitel.com
Tue Jan 9 11:50:44 EST 2018

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your response. 

Same figure/artists. 

Basically, for the function called by FuncAnimation, I’d like one of my custom arguments to change after some number of frames. I did not find a good way to do that, so I was thinking I could have one animation that does the first set of frames with the initial custom argument value, followed by another animation that does the remaining frames with a different custom argument value. 


On Jan 9, 2018, at 8:15 AM, Thomas Caswell <tcaswell at gmail.com> wrote:

When you say "another animation" do you mean different data on the same artists in the same figure, different artists in the same figure or a different figure altogether?
In the first cases I think you could use a generator to sticky tape your data together.  In the second two you will have to roll your own.

Do you need to be able to change the chain while it is running? If so, what are you using to get your concurrencey? 


On Mon, Jan 8, 2018, 12:38 Paul Deitel <paul.deitel at deitel.com <mailto:paul.deitel at deitel.com>> wrote:
I am trying to chain together a series of animations. Is there a callback mechanism of some sort that could be used to launch a new animation when another animation completes?

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