[Matplotlib-users] Exporting plot with given scale and DPI

Alexander Bruy alexander.bruy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 12:58:53 EST 2018

Hi Eric,

2018-01-10 18:46 GMT+02:00 Eric Firing <efiring at hawaii.edu>:
> It looks like somewhere you are setting an aspect ratio of 1 (or 'equal')
> and the difference between the examples is that the first is with adjustable
> 'box' and the second is with adjustable 'datalim'.

Right, I create axes using following code:

                                  adjustable="datalim",  aspect=1)

> Are you doing any sharing or twinning of axes?

No sharing or twinning, just single line and one pair (X and Y) of axes.

Alexander Bruy

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