[Matplotlib-users] getting access to the TextBox widget in matplotlib 2.2.2

Dan Hitt dan.hitt at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 00:41:39 EDT 2018

matplotlib version 2.2.2 has a TextBox widget (defined in matplotlib.widgets).

I would kind of like to use it, as the matplotlib.widgets have a good,
convenient interface.

On the other hand, my OS is debian stretch, and the matplotlib that
comes iwth it is version 2.0.0.

So i'm wondering what my options are.

I could try to update the OS, to debian buster, which 2.2.2, but
that's a very big ordeal.

Or i could try to build python from source, in my home directory, and
refer to it by a different name, but i suppose i'd also need to build
numpy, matplotlib, and any other extras.  (The ./configure --help for
python 3.7 makes no mention of numpy or matplotlib, so i suppose i
would also have to track down sources for these.)

Maybe i could do something with pip3, but i'd have to hoke it up
somehow so that it would not interfere with the debian pip3.

Or maybe there's some form of TextBox which has been backported to
matplotlib 2.0.0?

Maybe there's something else i could do?

TIA for any advice.


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