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My name is Marco, I am a math and pyhs teacher in an High School in Terni
(130 km far from Rome). In 2015, I and my students made an Open Physics Lab
using open hardware (Arduino, sensors) and Open software (Ubuntu 14,
MatPlotLib and GeoGebra etc.). You can watch the Laboratory working with
distance sensor if you play this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?

In 2016 we had a problem with Ubuntu 16 LTS, MatPlotLib did not work as
well as before: the window and the graph were ok but, finished plotting,
the graph was not shown after zooming (like a loss of data). We solved
doing the steps that you can read at the link below: http://marcocalvaniatm.

Now with Ubuntu 18 LTS the problem came up again: the buttons work but no
graph is shown after zooming or go back, the save button is ok. The
solution that we found before is not working now and we do not know what to

Can anybody help us?
Thanks a bunch for your time spent and your attention
Marco Calvani
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