[Matplotlib-users] add round corner for patches.Rectangle, not with FancyBboxPatch

orange si ilikeorangeapple at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 02:14:09 EDT 2018

my mistake~ I didn't realisze the true meaning of rounding_size, I just
increase it to 100, it works! beacuse the xlimit is about 10000, so the raw
rounding_size=0.2 didn't work well.
I close this issue, thanks all for my stupid qustion~

orange si <ilikeorangeapple at gmail.com> 于2018年7月25日周三 下午10:15写道:

> I tried this:
>    p2 = FancyBboxPatch((fp_x, fp_y), fp_width,
> fp_height,fc=fp_color,ec="black", linewidth=0.3,
> boxstyle='round,pad=0,rounding_size=0.5', joinstyle="round",
> capstyle='round')
>    ax.add_patch(p2)
> but still get a sharp cornor box~
> I am confused that why that code work well in demo script, but when in my
> real script, it didnot work, I think maybe my real script  has some error
> codes which I am missing.
> Benjamin Root <ben.v.root at gmail.com> 于2018年7月25日周三 下午9:33写道:
>> I wonder if specifying the join_style or cap_style for rounded corners
>> might help?
>> https://matplotlib.org/examples/api/joinstyle.html
>> Never tried it before for patches, though.
>> Cheers!
>> Ben Root
>> On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 2:13 AM, orange si <ilikeorangeapple at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> update: I use  round,pad=1,rounding_size=0.4, it works well in demo
>>> script ! But when I use that in my real script, that don't work, even I use
>>> set_boxstyle("round,pad=1,rounding_size=0.4"), it also not woks.
>>> Aattachment is my script and ipynb and input file.
>>> thanks~
>>> orange si <ilikeorangeapple at gmail.com> 于2018年7月23日周一 下午3:11写道:
>>>> hi everyone,
>>>>     I see the FancyBboxPatch can add round corner  in
>>>> https://matplotlib.org/gallery/shapes_and_collections/fancybox_demo.html
>>>> , but that has some space between the rectangle and the fancybox. And I
>>>> just want to add round corner instead of the sharp corner for Rectangle,
>>>> not to expand the rectangle region.
>>>>     That confused me a few days, thanks for any help~
>>>> Best Regards
>>>> Si
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