[Matplotlib-users] How to create an animation of complicated figures without writing each image to file

David Ketcheson david.ketcheson at kaust.edu.sa
Thu May 31 04:43:44 EDT 2018

I would like to create an animation from a very complicated plot.  The plot is created by a lot of functions and it's not feasible for me to pass back the handles to all the objects that get added to the plot from all of those functions.  One approach that works is to write each plot to a file and then create an animation by loading the images.  Unfortunately, this doesn't look good, presumably because the images are first rasterized and then the resolution is altered.

So I'd like to create an animation directly from a set of figures, when all I have are the figures.  I've tried to use get_children() recursively to get all the artists and then use animation.ArtistAnimation(), but so far this only leads to an empty (blank) animation.  Is it possible to do what I'm attempting?


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