[Matplotlib-users] 3.0 upgrade

Srinivasa Rao srinivasrao.poladi at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 10:39:39 EDT 2018


I was using Matplotlib ver 2.2.2 on windows 10 using anaconda distribution.
Now I have upgraded anaconda distribution with Matplotlib ver 3.0.0. Facing
few issues with the code that was working fine with 2.2.2.

1. In 3D plots using mplot3d, for multiple subplots,
plt.tight_layout(w_pad=5) worked fine with 2.2.2, but same code is giving
the following error
<http://matplotlib.1069221.n5.nabble.com/file/t5188/tight_layout_err.png> , 

and output display is one long vertical line with some jumbled letters.
When I remove titght_layout() statement, I get adequate space in between the
plots, but legend overalps with title. How can I fix this overlap issue? 

2. For all 3D plots figure size gets too small, compared to the size I used
to get with 2.2.2 version. It is the same for single plot or multiple
subplots in the figure. Even figsize=(15,10) produces very small figure as
attached here

whereas 2.2.2 produced full screen figure as shown below.

Appreciate any help in resolving these two issues.

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