[Matplotlib-users] hatching gets covered by contourf

Mustapha Adamu mustapha.adamu at monash.edu
Sun Jul 28 01:28:33 EDT 2019

I have 2 arrays arr1 contains correlation values of between -1 to 1
arr2 contains nans and 1's but same shape as arr1
arr1 = 180 * 360
arr2 = 180 * 360

I want to plot arr2 on arr1 as a hatch like this

plt.pcolor(lon,lat, arr2, hatch = '...', alpha=0)

the problem here is that some of the colors in the hatched are covered by
the contour plot of arr1

How can I make the hatches apear on top without being blocked by the
contours of arr1
*Mustapha Adamu*
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