[Matplotlib-users] Interaction of matplotlib with ipython (not notebook)

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 10:49:40 EDT 2019

I'm using ipython under emacs python (M-x run-python)

ipython arranges that plt.show() does nothing (does not pause).
Sometimes I want that, but sometimes I don't (e.g., my program is going to 
generate an infinite number of plots).

How can I stop ipython from disabling plt.show() from pausing?

On a related note, I may want to save the figure output rather than drawing 
to the screen.  When run under ipython, figures are drawn to the screen as 
well as saved if savefig is used, or, same problem with

from mplcairo.multipage import MultiPage

    cm = MultiPage('best_circles_after.pdf')
    with cm as pdf:

anyone know how to prevent from drawing to the screen in this case?


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