[Matplotlib-users] Matplotlib-plotting-based on different condions from different maps

Mustapha Adamu mustapha.adamu at monash.edu
Fri May 3 02:53:17 EDT 2019

Dear all,
I need some help with regards to colormaps, I am new to python and unsure
how to go about it.

I have three spatial correlation maps, lets call the A(72x144), B(72X144)
and C(72x144) and each one of these are made of of values from -1 to 1.

Now I want to generate one single colomap form these based on the following

For regions where A > 0.5, B > 0.5 and C > 0.5, make those regions red on
the new color map, for regions where A>0.5, B = 0 and C = 0 also make those
regions Blue.

In a coding format I want something like this
For in range(x):
  for J in range(y):
     if A(i,j) >0 & if B(i,J) > 0.5 & if C>0.5:
       then colormap = Reds.
This is the general idea I have but dont know how to write this and make it
actually work with my code.
I am open to anwer further questions and I would be most grateful for your

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