[Matplotlib-users] Connect plot in Contourf when there are missing values(nan)

Eric Firing efiring at hawaii.edu
Sat Apr 4 02:59:23 EDT 2020

I just found this unread in my email stack--did anyone reply to you 
already?  If not, the answer to your question is no, matplotlib declines 
to fill bad value gaps via interpolation.  We believe that as a plotting 
library, we should generally plot the data as provided, leaving it to 
the user to interpolate over gaps, if that is desired.


On 2020/02/19 9:42 PM, apu wrote:
> I am plotting x, y, z values using contourf plots. However I have some
> missing z values (nan). All these regions are shown as blanks and the graph
> looks diconnected.
> Is there a way for the plot to have connected gaps? Plotly has an option to
> connect gaps with smooth transitions?
> https://plot.ly/python/contour-plots/#connect-the-gaps-between-none-values-in-the-z-matrix
> Do we have an equivalent of this in matlotlib contourf plots?
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