[Matplotlib-users] Can't get interactive plots working on OSX (Catalina)

jandyman andy at voelkel.us
Fri Feb 7 12:43:55 EST 2020

At this link:  https://matplotlib.org/faq/usage_faq.html#what-is-a-backend

Under the section talking about what an interactive plot is, I see this:

"Assuming you are running version 1.0.1 or higher, and you have an
interactive backend installed and selected by default, you should see a
plot, and your terminal prompt should also be active; you can type
additional commands such as:"

That sounds like exactly what I want. 

Then, at this link: https://matplotlib.org/3.1.0/faq/osx_framework.html

There is a description of using macosx as a framework. So I thought I'd be
good to go.

As a general comment, I didn't really see a good description on the GUI main
loop issue and how various systems deal with it. That would be really handy
to understand when trying to troubleshoot this sort of thing

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