[Matplotlib-users] Need assistance with inconsistent matplotlib plots from computer to computer...

Fabrice Silva silva at lma.cnrs-mrs.fr
Mon Sep 21 15:06:50 EDT 2020

Le lundi 21 septembre 2020, Anthony Billings a écrit :
> I wrote a program that gathers data and plots it (y) over time (x). I
> use Python 3.7.7, with matplotlib 3.2.2, on Windows 10 Pro. I have
> compiled the program using pyinstaller,
>  into an .exe and put it on additional computers to run. The program
> has worked properly on all computers, except an HP i5, running
> Windows 10. I've attached a picture of both graphs to help explain my
> problem... Good
>  and Bad Graph.
> The bad graph seems to display the data sporadically with long
> horizontal lines between data points. I have created a debug version
> that displays the data of the lists used
>  for the x and y-axis and the lists are full with 80-110 values, so I
> know the data is being collected. It's just not displaying on the
> graph properly. I have tried uninstalling things and installing
> things, I have tweaked the priority in Task Manager, and
>  I've tried running in SAFE mode to disable any extensions that may
> be interrupting in the background. Does anyone have ANY ideas or
> help? Thank you in advance!
> I have now tried installing Python 3.7.7 on the computer that
> displays the bad graph, and running the program directly from Python
> IDE and the display is still inaccurate.
>  I'm at a total loss and would LOVE some help.

Comparing the two plots, I am not sure matplotlib is the faulty one
The y values just seem different between the two graphs. Did you tried
to record the data and look at numerical values in order to check their
consistency ? You may even transfer the data of the "bad plot" to the
other computer (the good one), just to ensure whether it is a data
problem or a plot problem...

If they come from some experimental setup, maybe one of the devices is

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