[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] Some notes on the matrix class

Hinsen Konrad hinsenk@ere.umontreal.ca
Thu, 2 Nov 1995 09:46:55 -0500

      2. ranf(m) fills m with uniform random numbers on (0.0, 1.0)

I'd prefer a matrix constructor (similar to mrange) that creates
a random matrix with a given shape.

   b. compress(condition, x) = those elements of x corresponding to those
      elements of condition that are "true". condition and x must have

A useful generalization of this, especially since booleans are just
integers in Python, would be a function that replicates each item of x
n times, where n is the corresponding item in the "condition"

      the same length (or x scalar), result is a one-dimensional vector with
      length equal to the number of true elements in condition. Naturally this 

Why should this be restricted to one-dimensional arguments? Of course
the "condition" argument must be one-dimensional, but the compression
(or copying, in the sense outlined above) can occur along any axis
of a multidimensional array.

      is most useful if x < y returns a vector instead of a scalar. 


   c. My Basis users love:
      where(condition,x,y) is shaped like condition and has elements of x and
      y where condition is respectively true or false; we allow broadcast of

If Python had a selection operator similar to C's ?:, this would be
its generalization to array arguments. And in fact I'd love to have
such an operator in Python in general...

      (That sound you hear is the shot of a large caliber weapon as Guido 
      justifiably shoots a newbie for making a suggested language change before
      he can even use half the language yet; in fact, I'm tempted to shoot 
      myself, but I'm enjoying Python too much to die yet.)

It would be more in the spirit of Python to use poisonous snakes instead
of guns ;-)

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