[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] Speed...cg...and more!

James Hugunin jjh@mama-bear.lcs.mit.edu
Mon, 13 Nov 95 10:51:04 -0500

>    1) The ofunc object is very interesting, but I miss a feature which I always
>       missed also in the mathmodule.c of the Python distribution. When I want to
>       use e.g. sin(a) of an not predefined type (the new math functions in
>       Matrix just extend the standard ones by comples numbers, matrices,..)
> I am working on a "general" math module that provides all the standard
> functions for arbitrary objects. It calls functions from math for ints
> and floats, functions from cmath for complex numbers, functions from
> matrix for matrices, and looks for a method in all other objects.
> Originally I wanted to do that in Python, but that turned out to
> detetriorate performance drastically. The C module I am working on now
> should have no noticeable overhead.

And here I've been working on adding these very same features to my  
ofuncobjects.  I'm really think that this is the "right" place to do this,  
and then to produce a single omathmodule.c that does the right thing  
efficiently for all object types.  Let's talk off-line about this Konrad so  
we don't end up duplicating each others efforts here.


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