[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] prototype release status report

James Hugunin jjh@mama-bear.lcs.mit.edu
Fri, 17 Nov 95 16:31:14 -0500

Just to keep people informed of the current status of the next release of
my matrix object (which I had been claiming would be ready last night).

I read Tom's message yesterday and realized that I really need to get my
matrixMultiply and transpose operators working properly ASAP.  I spent most  
of the day today crunching code to make this happen, and it's still not
quite working.  The challenge is to support APL style matrixMultiply[1,2]
(and permutations of that) to multiply an array of vectors by an array of
matrices in the proper fashion.  I should have this working sometime this
weekend and then I'll make the new release available.

Sorry to keep people waiting.



Quick preview of the most exciting things in the next release:

type coercion is implemented for matrices, ie.
Matrix_i(1,2,3)*Matrix_f(1.,2.,3.) = Matrix_f(1.,4.,9.)

matrix printing is now controlled by a callback to a user-settable python
function for prettier matrix printing.

a**b works for pow(a,b) (Thanks to Konrad)

a[1,2,3] works for  multidimensional indexing (Thanks to Konrad)

pickling matrices works

and much more.

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