[PYTHON MATRIX-SIG] Release 0.36 is available!

Rob Hooft Rob.Hooft@EMBL-Heidelberg.de
Fri, 26 Apr 1996 11:11:25 +0200

>>>>> "JH" == James Hugunin <jjh@goldilocks.lcs.mit.edu> writes:

 JH> ftp://sls-ftp.lcs.mit.edu/pub/jjh/NumericalPython-0.36.tar.gz

 JH> If somebody would like to make this available in Europe/Asia,
 JH> that would be welcome.

I copied the whole directory as soon as I could get through (even from
New York at 6 in the morning that was not an easy task). Now as a
special offer to European members of the matrix-sig list, it is
available from:


Please note that this is NOT an automatic mirror!

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